Your Home Away from Home

From the creative minds of Gian Mauro and Emiliano, Maison Villa Licia is born. A unique place, where you can spend magic, relaxing, amazing moments. Every guest is a friend of ours, to whom we dedicate all our cares, to make him feel at home, thanks to our professional staff, working to fulfill all your needs.

Every moment you spend at Villa Licia is a little gem, set into the jewel of Chianciano Hills.

"We love to treat you not just like customers, but dear guests or, if you'd like, Friends."
Emiliano Pelizzari
Villa Licia Manager

During its centuries-old history, Villa Licia, previously known as Villa Recanati, has always been the setting of great encounters between men, thoughts, cultures, and also love and war.

Just between Chiusi and Chianciano, driving down the historical Cassia-Aurelia road, faded memories talk about clergymen and aristocrats who stopped here during the journey to the Chianciano, Saint Albino and Bagno Vignoni Thermaes; old letters tell us about hush-hush love affairs consumed at the house, and bright-day relationships declared with the complicity of the beautiful view from the Villa balustrade. The living room chimney seems to keep on burning the wood to heat its guests, who were offered the best wine: a Sangiovese from local vineyards (Montalcino is just a few KMs away) that those days nobody knew as Brunello, the amazing nectar that our wine cellar always offers. 

Maybe it was just our old cellar tasty wine stock, and the dominant position, to convince German officers to establish, during the 2nd World War, their HeadQuarters at Villa Licia.

And who could imagine if the Prelates that moved from our Villa to Pienza knew that exactly from the town of Piccolomini unleashed the resistance that made life so difficult to the General placed at Villa Licia? We’ll never know the full details but we can say one thing for sure: Macciano inhabitants ever wondered who was the infamous guest that they saw entering our castled Villa. 

We’ll never know, but we are planning to get Villa Licia back to its bright past, back to what it’s written in the lime of its thick stone walls, like a genetic code: a place of meetings, of shelter, of inspiration; the home for those who love being guest and hosts at the same time; luxury lovers who appreciate the simplicity and authenticity of a family house; the destination of travelers who love living, not just visiting; a place for everyone looking for a holiday to remember, not just images, but flavours, scents and above all emotions.

Available for the guests

Mosquitos & Bike

Reserved for our guests, you can use two vintage motorized ‘Mosquitos’ and bicycles, to fully enjoy Chianciano hills sights without any fatigue.

Traditional Local Food

In the Villa cellar you can buy traditional Tuscany prducts, selected by our house-steward.
Wines, oils, cold meats, and body products, that contains all the taste and the essence of Italian soul.

The Pool

For our guest’ relax, you can find in our garden a 5x10m pool, deep in the green.
What an amazing feeling getting out of the water and sip a cocktail at the poolside, comfortably lied down under the sun.